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The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies

John Scalzi. The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies Authors:John Scalzi.
Publisher:Rough Guides
Serie:Rough Guides
Price:512.4 rub.

Book Summary:
The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies is a comprehensive guide to the "final frontier" of film. It explores our fascination with space exploration, time travel, fantastical worlds and alternative futures. This guide explains how everything from the philosophy of Plato to classic Victorian tales and cult comic books have helped to create one of cinema's most engaging genres. Discover the classics from Mexico, Russia and Japan, not forgetting the Anime science fiction tradition, along with everything else you need to know from Metropolis to Star Wars, via Blade Runner, 2001 and Alien. The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies is your essential guide to a galaxy of film unbounded by time or space.

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