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Hollywood Secrets of Project Management Success (PRO-best Practices) (Best Practices (Microsoft))

James R. Persse. Hollywood Secrets of Project Management Success (PRO-best Practices) (Best Practices (Microsoft)) Authors:James R. Persse.
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Book Summary:
Learn best practices for managing software development projects from an unexpected but surprisingly relevant source: the producers of major motion pictures. What can Hollywood s hundred years of filmmaking experience teach the software industry? Like movies, software projects can be complex, creative, and high risk. But Hollywood has a better track record for delivering projects to plan. Now you can apply the project-management best practices used by motion-picture producers and production managers to your own work and get better results. The author an expert in software engineering and process improvement shares what he s learned from film-industry project managers to delivering software projects on time and on budget. You ll gain practical insights and effective techniques you can apply right away for estimation and planning; controlling costs, schedules, and changes; coordinating multiple teams; tracking progress; reporting status; managing logistics; management reviews; and...

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