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Czech New Wave Filmmakers in Interviews

Robert Buchar. Czech New Wave Filmmakers in Interviews Authors:Robert Buchar.
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Book Summary:
Book DescriptionIn Czechoslovakia, in the 1960s, artists began to realize that the aesthetics of social realism contrasted with the realities of daily life; a movement of film arose in response to the politics and history of the nation. This work collects candid interviews with the creators of the Czech New Wave film movement (1960-2000). Their work put Czech film on the map of world cinema, generating two Oscars for Best Foreign Film, but the official critique marked them as decadent, pessimistic, and reactionary. The work contains sixteen uncensored interviews with filmmakers such as Jan Nemec, Jiri Menzel, Sa?a Gedeon, and Jan Sverak, who describe the struggle to realize their visions in a constantly shifting political landscape:from the mid-1960s, through the repressive "normalization" after the Soviet occupation in 1968 (more films were banned in 1970 than during the previous twenty years of Communism), and after the Velvet Revolution of 1989. The interviews...

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